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Be part of the global ICO phenomenon, from anywhere in the world.

About ICO Broker

We are crypto-currency investment brokers, specializing in participation and investment of upcoming crypto-currency ICO's.

We enable citizens from all over the world to participate and invest in the most exciting and rewarding ICO's globally.

By pooling contribution together, we allow investors to obtain ICO bonuses, and minimize risk of missing out on fast selling ICO's

Current ICO offers

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If you don't see a ICO that you interested in, let us know!


How does it work?

We create a investment pool for a specific ICO. When the pool is large enough, we are able to obtain bonuses when doing the investment.

Since we make only one transaction when investing, we have a good chance to obtain tokens in very fast selling ICO's.

The larger the investment pool, the more we will contribute gas to ensure the transaction is completed sooner.

How much does it cost?

Currently, for all ICO's, the rate is 12.5% of tokens generated from ICO

In future, the rate can be 5% - 20%, depending on the ICO and individual cap. Cost will deducted from initial investment amount, or from generated ICO tokens, depending on the ICO.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to obtain the tokens, we will refund all investments at no additional cost.

How long after the ICO will I get my tokens?

Tokens are sent to you as soon as we receive them.

How can I trust you?

Upon request, we will send you proof of completed investments.

Of we will only redact personally identifiable information to protect our investors

We will be testing PRIMABLOCK smart-contract in the near future for pooling.

Are my funds secure?

Yes. We take the utmost precaution and measures to ensure all funds are secure.

Contact us

For any additional information or to start the investment process, write us at info@icobroker.trade

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